Complete Python Course

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  • Duration 9h
  • Last Update December 16, 2021


Are you a newcomer to programming and Python? Are you looking for a course that will teach the language and coding concepts? In this course I aim to do exactly that.

Learning to code can be difficult, but I try to make it as easy as possible, with an engaging style and interesting examples this course will teach you how to code as quickly as possible.

I teach you the fundamentals of the Python language and the fundamentals of programming. We build on that to use code to answer interesting questions and solve interesting problems. The Towers of Hanoi, The Sierpinski Triangle and the Luhn Algorithm are covered in this course.

You will learn how to install python and how to navigate your way around an IDE. You’ll learn about variables, the print function, data types and data structures. You’ll learn how to use Python and logic to problem solve.

What Will I Learn?

  • No previous experience required
  • Comprehensive coverage of Python
  • Lots of Examples
  • Challenging Capstone Project
  • Very accessible teaching style
  • Hands on, a lot of practice writing code
  • Thorough grounding of the basics
  • How to use Python to problem solve

Topics for this course

98 Lessons9h


Who’s this course for2:42
Why Python?9:16

Python Basics

Conditionals and Logic in Python

Lists and Loops in Python

Import and Dictionaries

Files and Functions in Python

Objects and Classes

General Tips

Big O

Caesar Cipher and Two Sum Problems

Plotting in Python


Search and Sort

Coins and Cards

Introduction to Debugging, Regex and f strings

Capstone Project

Material Includes

  • 9 hours of video
  • All the code used in the course available for download
  • Capstone Project Download


  • Computer
  • Internet connection

Target Audience

  • Newcomers to programming
  • Newcomers to Python
  • Graduate Students Learning to Code
  • Aspiring Data Analysts