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Introduction to programming with Python

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How to install python, the print function and variables are covered in detail to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the basics.

What is a conditional? What are logical operators? How do these concepts work together? We cover this and then you have an opportunity to work on a number of practice problems.

Lists are a very important data type in python. I cover them in this section. Then I introduce for and while loops and together we work through problems that combine lists and loops.

A dictionary is a built in python data structure. Extremely important, particularly if you’re learning python for data analysis. We cover them in detail in this section, solving some interesting dictionary related problems.

Python can handle files, and in this section I’ll show you how. I’ll also teach you about functions in python. We’ll work through a solution involving the Fibonacci sequence using functions and recursion.

Everything in python is an object, so it’s important to understand them. You can use classes to make your own objects. I show you how to do that; we will cover class variabales, methods, __init__ and inheritance. Lots of problems for you to work through too.

I introduce these topics and explain the fundamentals. It’s very important that you understand what Big O notation means and how it relates to algorithms. 

In this section we consolidate and solve some interesting computer science problems. I also introduce jupyter notebooks.

I give a brief introduction to Matplotlib in this section, we use it to visualize the Sierpinski triangle, simulate a random walk and play with images.

Stacks are a very important data structure in computer science. In this section I show you how to make them in python. We then use them to solve a very old CS problem.

Searching and sorting algorithms are fundamental to understanding computer science. I’ll introduce you to some of the more common ones in this section.

We work through more problems using the skills learnt so far.

How to debug your code; and essential skill which I cover in this section plus f strings and a quick look at regular expressions in python

You get the opportunity to work on an interesting capstone project that will draw on what has been covered in the course.

Over 10 hours of video

Over 90 lessons to watch

Beginner Level

Just $19 a year

My Courses

I currently have two courses, and will be adding more soon. My Complete Python Course is just that; a 10 hour course covering the most important aspects of Python. Perfect for beginners.


Giles has been teaching Python on YouTube for over 4 years. In that time he has received over 200k subscribers and sold over 10,000 courses on Udemy.

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Giles’ courses are aimed at beginners. Learning to program is difficult and Giles understands this. His courses are aimed at beginners.

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I really try to ensure that complex concepts are explained as simply as possible, so that you understand the fundamentals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently there are two courses. My Introduction to Programming in Python course, which contains over 10 hours of content and more than 90 video lessons. It has numerous practice questions and a capstone project. Also included is my 5 hour course ‘Exploratory Data Analysis with Pandas and Python’. This course is aimed at people who want to use python for EDA but have little or no programming experience. It takes you through the minimum python basics to get you using Pandas and Matplotlib in the shortest time possible.

You can get access to all my content for just $1.58 a month, billed yearly.  My goal is to offer accessible education to as many people as possible, I think many platforms overcharge for their content, which is something I do not want to do.

I am confident that you will like the content, but if you don’t I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t want to continue with your subscription, just let me know within 30 days and I will give you a full refund.