Insight from Data & Education

Welcome to On these pages we aim to do two things:-

  1. Use data to understand what’s going on in the world
  2. To teach data methods to as many people as possible

You could call this a mission, that is certainly one way of looking at it. Data has never been more available. You can find datasets covering almost every imaginable topic and the tools to analyse that data are free for anyone to use.

In spite of these facts, data is still being used to mislead and obfuscate. We would like to see that change. We want to use data to understand the world, and to combat some of the misinformation that is so widespread. The more people that understand what data is, how to use and collect it and how to gain insight from it, the better. In our small way, we hope to contribute to data literacy.

So, as well as interpreting data, we plan to teach how to work with data; how to convert it from numbers to information.

We hope you enjoy the content on the site.